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Business data

Get information about your market and the companies, operating on this market!

Market strategies

Plan your business strategies and find out, what your competitors are doing!

Data Mining

You need special information about your market ? We are offering customized and personalized "Data Mining Services" - we delivery information for all your needs.

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lawvision's Innovation Report is your primary source for business and market data.

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Find out, which companies are operating in your branch and which products or services are brought to your market.

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Find out, which competitors are operating on your market and which products or services they are working on.

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Data Research & Analysis services

You need special information and analysis about your market ?

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lawvisions´s InnovationReport - for business professionals!

Plan your business strategy with lawvision's InnovationReport. Get all the business information you need and start your business strategies today. You need more information or you are looking for specific information?

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Find out in which direction your market is developing, which companies are active and what kind of products and services they are offering.

Find out, which trends have evolved on your market and what companies are doing in their research and development departments.

Get an overview, which new products and innovations are coming.

Data Analysis

Get all information from your market - only then you are really able to develop a successful business strategy.

Business Strategy

Plan your personal business strategy and coordinate your activites on your market.


Concentrate and evaluate your activities on your market based on your data analysis.